Data Driven

As a long-time Google service partner, Data Driven provides comprehensive consulting services to companies getting started with Looker.

Our team of experts is fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you make the most of Looker's data analytics capabilities and ensure you receive customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Whether your company is a newly seeded start-up, coming off a Series A, or has reached maturity, we’ll ensure your data setup is optimal for your stage. Our mission is to help you build a culture based on data-driven decisions to become market leaders in your industry.

Get off the ground quickly

Jumpstart Packages

We will shorten your time to value by teaching your team how to setup Looker, and build out your fist use case.


Get unstuck on a specific issue.

5 hours

  • Co-development sessions
  • Slack support
  • Quick-turn around time


Setup your initial implementation of Looker

24 hours

  • Architecture and ops review
  • Model design
  • Development assistance
  • Enablement of analysts and business users

Jumpstart Embed

Embed Looker in your application

30 hours

  • Engineering enablement for embedding
  • User/Role setup for external users
  • Security assistance

Rapid Deployment

Build out your first use case with help from experts

60 hours

  • Definition of representative use cases
  • Data modeling assistance
  • First dashboard build-out

Deploy at Scale

Enterprise Packages

Learnings from hundreds of customer deployments has enabled us to structure starter packages for Enterprise customers.


Enable your organization

120 hours

  • Architecture and ops review
  • Model design
  • Development assistance
  • Enablement of analysts and business users


Realize business use case

240 hours

  • Definition of representative use cases
  • Additional development assistance
  • Security review
  • Training, adoption and operationalization planning


Cross-department adoption

360 hours

  • Use case prioritization
  • Rollout planning
  • COE bootstrap
  • Train-the-trainer
  • Ongoing reviews

Breadth and Depth

Our expertise

Applying architectural and engineering concepts to design solutions that meet operational requirements
Collection and evaluation of business requirements, development of business and technical specifications
Big Data
Working on complex datasets such as public, consumer, proprietary and sensitive data
Database design and management, focused on security and compliance
Business Intelligence
Design of data and business intelligence environments
Web Development
Building and scaling large web projects in Javascript, Python, and Ruby
Providing technical mentoring and training
Technical consultant for complex business environments and with multi-functional teams
Large Scales
We design and implement systems at web scales

We help you with more than just Looker

We take you through the entire journey of building out your data analytics practice. We help you with the whole process that surrounds the user-facing reports.

  1. Data Warehouse

    Organizing your data into one centralized appliance is the first step in being able to understand how your business works.

  2. ETL Tools

    Select the ETL tools to move all the required data sources into the data warehouse.

  3. Modeling & Governance

    Data governance and modeling should be managed in their own layer.

  4. Intergrate with Loooker

    Serve up real-time, reports and dashboards that inspire more in-depth analysis.

  5. User Training

    It’s not realistic that your team will magically know how to use new tools. We can train everyone in the organization to be experts.

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