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Organizing your data into one centralized appliance is the first step in being able to understand how your business works. Deep insights come from analyzing information from all parts of your business all at once.

We can help you build the data pipelines that tie it all together. 

Business Intelligence

You have to know your numbers inside and out – they are your life blood.  You also have to know which metrics drive the business, and focus on them like your survival depends on it – because it does.
We can help you deploy modern and functional BI tools that sits on top of your data warehouse.

Data Pipelines

multi-stage Pipelines

You can manage large transformations by chaining multiple pipeline stages. Each stage can remain simple, effective, and maintainable while achieving a complicated goal. 


Big Data integration

There isn't a big data buzzword we haven't used in production. We can help you unlock the data that seems trapped in that 10 Billion row Hive table.  We know how to move data between Big Data appliances, and into your warehouse. 

Summarize Data

We don't just want to move your data around, we want to extract new meaning from it along the way. Combined with our Big Data expertise, you can summarize billions of data points a day so you can get answers to your questions.

Data Warehouse

pick the right appliance

There are a lot of appliances that will allow you to quickly query your data. We can help figure out which best meets your needs.  We've used PrestoDB, Spark, and AWS Redshift in production.

scalability and uptime

We have run businesses, so we know first-hand that scalability and uptime are important design factors. If your business is going to depend on a data warehouse, it has to be easy to standup and easy to maintain.

schema design

There are a lot of ways to organize your data. We can help you determine the optimal table structure and layout. We want your team to have the right data, in the right place so they can generate insights.

Business Intelligence

evaluate Bi tools

We have either used in production, or evaluated all the top BI tools on the market. Although we're huge fans of Looker, we'll help you pick the one that works for you.

integrate with your warehouse

We help you put all the pieces together, connecting your data warehouse to the BI tool that you have chosen. Depending on the combination of tools/appliances some assembly might be required.


Train your team

It's not realistic that your team will magically know how to use the new tools you provide them. We can champion your solution and train everyone in the organization to be experts.


We have worked with clients in a varied set of industries. The kinds of problem we solve are universal, and the tools we use can be applied to many environments.


Insurance Lead Generator

  • Data Sets:

    • Salesforce data from the BizDev team

    • Performance Marketing from multiple traffic sources

    • Lead Monetization from proprietary system

  • Technologies Used: Python Luigi, AWS Redshift, Looker

  • Deployment scale: > 50 users

Ad Network

  • Data Sets:

    • Proprietary CRM used to track publishers on the network

    • Ad data: billions of impressions and millions of clicks a day

  • Technologies Used: Hive, PresoDB, AWS Redshift, Cascading, Looker

  • Deployment scale: 10-20 users

Medical Device Company

  • Data Sets:

    • Salesforce data from agents responsible for closing doctors and hospitals

    • Fulfillment data: proprietary system for tracking units sold, brick and mortar warehouse operations, and deliveries

  • Technology Used: Python Luigi, AWS Redshift, Looker

  • Deployment scale: 10 users