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We help companies become Data Driven

We are a group of engineers, analysts, data scientists and product people who love solving hard problems. Our experience is born from the crucible of startups. We treat your projects as if they were our own!

our clients are great companies whether they are small startups or large entreprises

Let's build things together

We have worked with clients in a varied set of industries. The kinds of problem we solve are universal, and the tools we use can be applied to many environments.

Let's learn things together

We pride ourselves in our ability to work with companies and transfer knowledge. We have built our own e-learning platform to efficiently teach teams of people Business Intelligence.

create value, deliver, repeat

We are your pilot for your entire data analytics journey

We are a team of devops engineers, data engineers, web developers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, and product folks. We can help guide you through the entire life-cycle of your data analytics journey.

Data Warehouse

Organizing your data into one centralized appliance is the first step in being able to understand how your business works.

Business Intelligence

We have either used in production or evaluated all the top BI tools on the market. We can help find the tool that's right for you.

Data Orchestration

You can manage large data transformations by chaining multiple pipeline stages: let's keep things simple while still achieving your goal.

Train your team

It’s not realistic that your team will magically know how to use new tools. We can train everyone in the organization to be experts.

Data Science

We have you covered if you're trying to forecast, segment, analyze, etc... Our data science team hasn't met a data set they didn't love.

Machine Learning

We have experience running production machine learning workloads in the cloud. We can build your models or use your teams.

Our mission is to help companies big and small use data more effectively. We take a lot of pride in jumping into hard problems, solving them, and training our replacement. We've done our job if we've made ourselves obsolete!

Jawad Laraqui

CEO at Data Driven

Let's start our data journey together!

We would love to hear more about the kinds of problems you're trying to tackle and see if we can help. We love meeting new people so don't be a stranger!