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We help e-commerce businesses ace their analytics to drive faster, better decision-making, and revenue growth, without building sizeable in-house data teams.

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What We Solve For

"We have multiple data sources and need to unify our stack."

"It's taking too much time manually generating reports and everyone is coming up with different conclusions. We need to standardize metrics."

"Tickets are taking up too much of our engineers’ and data scientists’ time for basic reports."

“We’re lacking real-time inventory updates and having difficulty tracking orders.”

“Customers are filling up their carts and leaving the page at checkout and we don’t understand why.”

“We’re overspending on marketing and want to know which campaigns are actually delivering ROI.”

Analytics Solutions For Any Stage

Whether your company is a newly seeded start-up, coming off a Series A, or has reached maturity, we’ll ensure your data setup is optimal for your stage. Our mission is to help you build a culture based on data-driven decisions to become market leaders in your industry.

Data Strategy

Tools aren’t one size fits all. Software, training, maintenance, and compliance all factor in. We explore all constraints with enough fidelity to eliminate the risks of making a bad decision and evaluate the total cost of ownership for your analytics needs.

Data Strategy

Data Stack Implementation

We design a system to help your team do their jobs more efficiently by providing a single source of truth. It starts with an in-depth stakeholder intake which enables us to deliver value rapidly with an eye toward ease of use.

Data Stack Implementation

Custom Solutions

Our team members are subject matter experts in e-commerce and analytics tools and technologies. While we have soup-to-nuts processes that have helped our clients achieve their goals on hundreds of projects, we can meet you where you are. Whether you just need support building dashboards, writing complex SQL, building custom connectors for one-off data sources, or auditing your current data model, we can help fill in the gaps.

Custom Solutions

A Little About Us

Our Team: A diverse group of technology professionals with backgrounds and interests in data science, data engineering, cognitive science, physics, and psychology.

Our Passion: Solving hard problems that exist at the boundary between technology and the other parts of a business.

Our Forte: Guiding companies through the entire life cycle of their data analytics journey.

Let us deal with the tech headache

Business Outcomes

Our crafted process will increase your marketing, operational, and team efficiency with measurable results.

Optimize Marketing Spend

Leverage analytics to identify opportunities and maximize your return on investment.

Accurate Spend

Bring all your cross-channel marketing spend into one dashboard.

In-Depth Attribution

Attribute spend back to individual campaigns in different sales channels.

Customer Journey

Generate full customer journeys in analytics to slice and dice performance by user behavior.

Streamline Operations

Evaluate the potential impacts of management and operations strategies.

Key Business Metrics

Combine your business data to improve operations by establishing a consistent automated reporting schedule with critical KPIs.

Shipping Logistics

Create dashboards that give you an end-to-end view of your supply chain to pinpoint areas for process improvements.

Inventory Management

Gain insights on your inventory in real-time to track price changes, turnover ratio, sell-through rate, and demand forecast accuracy.

Increase Team Productivity

While we lay the foundation so your team can access data to answer their questions, it would be unrealistic to expect everyone to know how to use the tools magically. With our training, they’ll be experts in no time.

Democratize your Data

Consolidate your data sources into one tool to create real-time dashboards for in depth, consistent analysis.

Improve Workflows

Data should be accessible to everyone on your team, regardless of technical background, to help them do their jobs better. We understand the challenges around adoption and mitigate them by building user-friendly and easily navigable dashboard experiences.

Slice and Dice

We record all user interactions with the property to collect low level marketing spend information. This maps actions back to paid and organic arrivals so your team can access LTV, CAC, ROI at the most granular level in minutes, not days.
Data Driven

We help you build a solid foundation first and then focus on advanced analytics while training your team along the way.

Jawad Laraqui Founder, Data Driven

Let Us Help You Get Your Data in Order

With us as your guide, you’ll never have to scramble to find the data you need when you need it.

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At Data Driven, we use Snowflake for data warehousing, Fivetran for ETL, Looker for BI, and dbt for modeling. It's our preferred stack because it fits our business needs, but all companies are unique, and we’re experts in most modern data technologies. Let's talk about your needs and budget to find the perfect fit.

We don't have a minimum because our service agreement depends on the project type and services required. For example, a small data migration may take several weeks, while a long-term engagement for ongoing support might require three months up to a year. Regardless of the engagement length, we like to keep our agreements flexible.

We charge a fixed amount for some projects and an hourly rate for others, depending on the project's complexity. Reach out to us today about your requirements for a free estimate.

The short answer is yes. We have certifications for most modern data tools (i.e., AWS, Google Cloud, Looker, Tableau, dbt, etc.). Please reach out if you have any specific questions about working with your existing tools.

Data Driven

Tell us what problems you’re trying to tackle. We’d love to connect and we’ll make sure it’s time well spent for you.

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