Project Manager

Full Time Position

in Somerville, MA

Who we are

DataDriven is a boutique consulting company located in Davis Square, right off the Red Line in Somerville, MA. Our mission is to help clients make better business decisions by using data. We are a group of MIT-trained computer scientists with a strong startup background who love tackling hard problems on behalf of our clients.

We are good at solving hard problems that exist at the boundary between technology and our client’s business. There are many cogs working together to make a business run. We operate using the principle that you can’t just replace one without knowing how the whole machine works, or design one without being an expert craftsman. We've gained depth of knowledge by doing. In the startup world, when you depend on yourself for survival you have to be good at everything. Delivering projects to specification and on time requires an intimate knowledge of what might lurk around corners. When evaluating trade-offs there is no substitute for experience.


We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer who values diversity in our team.

We fundamentally believe that we will do better work by bringing people with different backgrounds and experiences together.


One of the benefits of being a small consultancy is that we can provide a flexible work environment.

We don’t believe in punching in/out at certain times, we believe in doing great work. We sometimes work from home; we sometimes come in late if we have to drop kids off at school.


We don’t expect you to know everything. We want to work with smart people who are excited to learn new things.

We take great pride in teaching: we want you to level up during your time with us.

What we got going on

We are juggling a lot of different clients and we need an expert task master to help us stay on top of it all. Your goal will be to make sure that projects are on track by working with the analysts and engineers doing the technical work. Most of our client projects follow a very well-defined pattern that you will be able to execute on without any technical knowledge or domain expertise. You will be able to be jump in and start helping out from day 1.

As you start out, your job will be to make sure the train stays on the track and that we address anything that we missed. You will be 100% internally facing, working with our analysts and engineers to make sure they are communicating regularly and effectively with our external clients. You will be preparing overall status updates that we will share with some of our external partners and large clients.

Over time you we will teach you the ins-and-outs of our industry, business, and clients. You will have the opportunity to be more externally facing and work directly with our customers and partners. You will take more of a leadership role internally to help plan out our initiatives and help us allocate our work effectively.

We will teach you to

  • Own all of the functional aspects of a project including project management, documentation of requirements and timeline, resolution of open issues, communication of status and more

  • Possess a comprehensive understanding of the services offered by Data Driven

  • Use our internal project management and communication tools

  • Convert customer requirements into a work plan

You should be

  • A stellar communicator with great:

    • Verbal skills: you are going to be working closely with the management, analysts and engineers at Data Driven

    • Written skills: you will be moving projects along through email kick-offs, questions/answers, and wrap-ups.

  • A person who thrives in dynamic fast-paced startup environments

  • A multitasker who can manage multiple concurrent work threads

  • Self-directed with the ability to manage simultaneous, complex projects with minimal supervision