Consumer Product Manager

Full Time Position

in Somerville, MA

Who we are

Data Driven is a boutique consulting company located in Davis Square, right off the Red Line in Somerville, MA. Our mission is to help clients make better business decisions by using data. We are a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and interests: data science, data engineering, startups, psychology, physics, brain and cognitive science… Our deep experience and intellectual curiosity is what makes us different!

We are good at solving hard problems that exist at the boundary between technology and our client’s business. There are many cogs working together to make a business run. We operate using the principle that you can’t just replace one without knowing how the whole machine works, or design one without being an expert craftsman. We've gained depth of knowledge by doing. In the startup world, when you depend on yourself for survival you have to be good at everything. Delivering projects to specification and on time requires an intimate knowledge of what might lurk around corners. When evaluating trade-offs there is no substitute for experience.


We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer who values diversity in our team.

We fundamentally believe that we will do better work by bringing people with different backgrounds and experiences together.


One of the benefits of being a small company is that we can provide a flexible work environment.

We don’t believe in punching in/out at certain times, we believe in doing great work. We sometimes work from home; we sometimes come in late if we have to drop kids off at school.


We don’t expect you to know everything. We want to work with smart people who are excited to learn new things.

We take great pride in teaching: we want you to level up during your time with us.


We share all of our key metrics and milestones — whether good or bad — in a weekly company-wide meeting. Transparency keeps everyone informed, builds trust, and helps us all make smart, data-driven decisions.

What we got going on

We’ve launched a product that is aimed at helping large companies unlock the true potential of their analytics investment. We are helping their employees feel more confident and empowered through a role-based online learning platform. We have built out the alpha version of our product and are gearing up for our beta launch.

We’re looking for a product manager to act as a catalyst to accelerate customer and revenue growth! The person who fills this role will work collaboratively across the organization to scale up a consumer experience that existing customers are lined up to use. Help us get people off the wait list and onto the platform!

What you will accomplish your first year

Here’s a sample of what someone can expect to accomplish in their first year in this position:

  • Identify the most impactful new features and levers for growth, and then turn those insights into specific, actionable, near-term initiatives that accelerate user acquisition, activation, and engagement

  • Build out a reporting interface that will reward end-users but also demonstrate the effectiveness of the product to their managers

  • Work with the design team to improve the user experience across email, web and mobile products

  • Establish a strong partnership with other teams to enable Data Driven to hit quarterly growth and engagement targets

We will teach you to

  • Possess a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our customers.

  • Identify the most impactful features for our product and industry.

  • Be an expert in the analytics space: you’ll learn who all the players are, and how the different technologies are useful.

  • Build a consumer product that is engaging and provides value for years

  • Manage quarterly goals and make a plan to hit them

You should have most of these experiences and skills

  • Product management experience with a fast-paced consumer internet company

  • Excellent analytical instincts, deep intellectual curiosity, and a strong belief in making data-driven decisions

  • A well-honed ability to assess customer needs and preferences through user surveys, A/B testing, market research, data analysis, and rapid experimentation

  • Familiarity with user experience and user interface best practices across desktop, mobile web and mobile app products

  • Outcome oriented: ability to articulate the desired outcome and work collaboratively to achieve it

  • A person who thrives in dynamic fast-paced startup environments

What to expect working with us

  • Comprehensive Benefits: We offer a variety of health, dental, and vision insurance plans across several carriers so employees can customize to their needs. Other perks include commuter discounts, top-notch office space, and a pantry stocked with snacks.

  • Competitive Salary: All employees receive competitive salaries. Money isn’t everything, but we believe organizations do best when the entire team is well compensated and shares in success.

  • Flexible Schedules: We don’t obsess over when people are in the office and have a “take-what-you-need” vacation policy. We work hard, but understand that people are most productive when they can manage their own schedules.

  • Personalized equipment: Each person we hire chooses their own computing equipment. We never want our team to be held up by slow technology, so we believe in buying the systems that help each individual work best. At a minimum we'll buy you a new Macbook Pro laptop, monitor, keyboard and mouse.